Finally created the home office of my dreams!

Bright White Cozy Home Office Design

Showit Branding & Website Design

First off – massive huge amazing props to the best dad ever! My dad was a custom home builder in California and Maui his whole life, he ran the business with an average of 2 crew and built from the dirt up! Even drew house plans for a lot of years. He’s the one that swooped in, and built my cabinets for my birthday! (I was supposed to help him, but it was right when Covid hit, so that was a bummer.) Anyway, I drew up the plans, and he made it all come to life! So, like I said, he gets 99.9% of the awesome office credit here.

Bright White Home Office Design - Showit Branding & Website Design

When we built this house, I was honestly sad to leave my old home office. It was bright and white as well, with lots of windows, and I truly enjoyed working in there. BUT, this house plan had a great spot! Tucked away around a corner, adding it as finished space took over the third car tandem garage, so it’s quite large! I moved on pretty quickly from the old space I loved once I started dreaming up plans for this one, haha!

My style is very much Cali Casual

Touch of white, touch of beachy, rounded off with modern lines and clean simplicity. I’m absolutely an ocean girl, and there is no getting away from that in my home, lol. I also wanted some pink and more feminine touch, since it’s my only space just for me, away from my boys.

Bright White Home Office Design - Showit Branding & Website Design

For cabinetry I designed a desk with some shelving, and a long window bench with huge drawers. Then I added a table for an extra work space. We trimmed out the windows, and added textured wallpaper to the window wall too – I think one of my favorite things. We also added in sconces on the window wall, and those give off the most gorgeous glow. When it’s dark and gloomy it makes it the most perfect cozy place to work!

Bright White Home Office Design - Showit Branding & Website Design
Bright White Home Office Design - Showit Branding & Website Design

Since I took these photos I did add a round gold mirror above my desk, in that empty spot right there. I put it to a vote in insta stories, and most voted against it – haha! I’m a fan though, I can see out the windows in the reflection when I’m working, and I can do a quick mirror check before I hop on zoom! lol

So, there ya have it – how my bright white cozy home office design turned out! My own personal home business haven.

I create everything from this space.

I scatter all over the place when I’m digging for inspiration. I lay on my bench when I’m just thinking. I spin my chair when I’m mentally stuck. I obviously spend a lot of time at my desk, on the computer, and I love spreading out work on the table when I need a break from staring at the screen!

Showit Branding & Website Design

If you run a small business and you’re struggling to connect with your dream client, I would love to work with you! Let’s collaborate and create a brand and website that take your business to the next level!

Check out my services here, and feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

My branding session was done by the fabulous Carhart Photography – if you’re in the Austin area, check them out – I very highly recommend them, Cayla is an absolute gem, and her hubbs is A++

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