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Perhaps you just purchased a template and immediately knew you wanted someone else to handle it for you. Maybe you bought one so long ago that you can't even remember when, and it's just been sitting in your account unfinished for months.

Whatever the case may be, guess what?!
I'm here to take over, and get you launched!


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i offer a process that is

Goal Driven + Detailed

I’ll show up organized and excited for you
- your personal business cheerleader!

I will take your chosen template, and all of your site content and get it completely launch ready for you! If you haven't chosen a template yet, that's not a problem - I'll even help you pick the perfect one!

All the pretty, everything working correctly, dream client readiness, without the awful tech headache!

the steps


pick a date

The first step is to reach out and set your start date. To pick your start date I require 1/3rd of your fee and a signed online contract. The remainder balance will be paid over the following 2 months.


gather content

I will lay out everything I need from you in an organized way to make this homework process as easy as I can for you! You will gather all of your website content for me, including images and site copy. Everything you want in the site.


the takeover

I will take it from there! Yay!
After you get me all of that content, I will start pulling your site together - customizing it for your brand and business - so it serves you and your clients perfectly!


let's launch

Once you've reviewed the whole site, and it's ready to go live, we do just that! Pop the champagne and publish! You'll have full control of the site when I'm done, so you can update as you need to!

Perfect for business owners who


here's all the 

Pricing Details


signature template customization package

Full site template customization, plus a few extras - Website SEO and a Showit basic back-end walkthrough! You'll have a great understanding of how to easily update your new site!



site customization

For those that needed a site yesterday. We'll get you up and running very quickly (think around 10 days) and you can always come back for extras or take over the project from there!



extras please

Full signature template customization package with a few fun extras - One extra full page design (great for client guides, hidden pricing details, or more!) and website mockups to help your launch!


looking for more?

Add on branding

This is the perfect template customization add-on. We will infuse your template with your new brand to make it even more unique and professional. A solid brand is a great starting place for any business, it will set you apart and give your clients something to connect with.


the branding suite

We will start with a detailed questionnaire, so I can get a great feel for you + your style, and your ideal client as well! Your finished brand will suit you, and really speak to your dream client.

  • Brand colorway + style design
  • Main logo design
  • Secondary logo design
  • Submark design
  • Watermark design

  • Business card design
  • Note Card Design
  • Brand style guide

     * Adds 5 weeks to the project timeline


Jen is great at communicating back and forth and is extremely EFFICIENT in getting the job done!

I couldn't imagine working with anyone else!!


ready?  Excited even??

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your start date!

Yay! I'm excited too! It's always a joy to work with other small business owners like you, to bring your design dreams to life!

Simply fill out this form here, and I will happily get back to you soon :) 

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I will get back to you within 48hrs - if you don't hear from me, please check your spam mail or email me directly. Talk to ya soon!

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