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Creative Business Branding Design

Kimberly came to me with one of the best businesses I have seen in a long while!

Pathway to Profit provides a proven step-by-step pathway for photographers to become successful!

Ummm, yes please! Her course will take you from burned out and broke to earning six figures with your photography business. So, if this sounds like something you might need for your creative business I very highly recommend checking out her site! She is an absolute gem. I’ve seen behind the scenes, it’s legit. She is an amazing mentor, and she will absolutely do your business some good!!

Pathway to Profit - Logo Design - Mesmerizing Designs

Anyway, onto my project with her … haha!

She needed branding and custom website design – the whole thing! I was thrilled when I looked over her questionnaire; she wanted black, moody, bold and modern! An exciting change from what I had been working on, I always love a good twist in my workflow :)

Branding Design Moodboard

We started with the branding personality and direction. This is always a must first, to make sure we are on the same page about the creative business branding design style and feeling.

Then we moved onto the whole branding suite. I usually take about 3 weeks to complete this step, and I only send it over for review after it’s all designed out. I like my clients to get a good feel for the entire branding suite, to see how elements play with each other; that is very important!

Creative Business Branding Design
Creative Business Branding Design

After that, we finalize the branding suite with revisions, and move onto the custom site! For Pathway to Profit that meant dark bold colors, clean modern lines, and of course a few customized personal touches. I really like her scrolling marquee that says “more profit and less time working”! It really stops the scroll and screams what she can do for you! Go check it out here – Pathway to Profit home page.

Creative Business Showit Website Design

Everything is live! Take a minute to go look at her branding and website in real life – and while you’re there, like I said before, I highly recommend her course – so be sure to check it out!

Creative Business Branding Design - Mesmerizing Desings
Showit Website Design Launch - Mesmerizing Designs

Ready to level up your own business??

I offer a creative business branding design process that is strategic and detailed!

I’ll show up organized + excited for you – your personal business cheerleader – ready to give you a business home base that delivers the BIG picture, by executing all those little details perfectly!

Maybe you’re stuck in a phase where you keep diy’ing your site, but never fully loving it. Or maybe you keep tweaking it all, constantly stressing over it. Maybe you’re hesitant to fully dive into a custom website, not sure it’ll be worth it. No matter your situation, chances are you’ve spent too much time and energy on your branding and website, but I’m here to take over.

Yep! You’ll do less, and get more! It will be just what you need!

Click here to browse through all my services, see more of my work, and reach out – I would love to work with you!

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