Floral Design Branding + Showit Website Design

Florist Branding and Showit Website Design

Florist Branding and Showit Website Design for Eufloric Events so they can offer their clients a luxury experience.

When Cecily from Eufloric Events reached out to start a project I was thrilled! Their floral design is jaw-dropping!! I was swooning over their instagram feed big time, and then when I got to their website it was clear why she was reaching out. Which honestly got me even more excited, I love love love a great before and after – and this project over delivers on that front!

They were already known for this double EE in their branding, so they requested to keep some form of EE in their brand, and to keep the colors green but neutral, so their work looked great with whatever colors their clients were choosing.



Their brand words were –

fresh       •       inviting       •       classy       •       creative

Eufloric Events is a florist that is ready and willing to try anything you can dream up! It’s important for their clients to know they will work with them for a one-of-a-kind design! 

Welcoming is important to keep in mind because they want to make sure their brand and site keep them approachable. They want clients to feel comfortable, and like they can be their creative selves when working together.

The whole Eufloric team is passionate about what they do. They love putting together designs that will set the mood for gatherings, and all believe there is so much in life to celebrate. So we wanted that to come through in design.

For their custom Showit website they wanted a full portfolio page with a variety of events, so I did a curated gallery at the top, and then the rest of that page is packed full with a great variety of their work in event galleries.

My favorite thing about their website design is the cute little style selection on the home page. Visitors can click through different event styles to see examples of their work that coordinate, and I think it really shows off their creative versatility!

This lady really knows her stuff and is so easy and fun to work with!

This lady really knows her stuff and is so easy and fun to work with! She guided, directed, and created through the whole process to produce an amazing product, that was exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks Jen!!!

Take a look at this brand + website live – https://eufloricevents.com/

Your Turn!

I would love to work with you! Let’s do something exciting and fun, but with that gorgeous professional touch – to get your dream clients jumping up and down with excitement when they connect with you!

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