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Etsy Shop Branding Design

Etsy Branding Design - Mesmerizing Designs

Aimee came to me after starting her handmade earring business, and wanted some fun, organic, nature inspired Etsy shop branding design. I was thrilled! I had worked with Aimee before, and her earrings were so cute! It gave me something unique to design as well, which I always love!

She wanted some script font for her brandmark and submark, so I used her initials and created a cute little ledge to hang earrings on. I took her bead earrings for inspiration, (since that was what she was making the most of at the time), and created the most adorable little pair to base her brand around.

Etsy Shop Handmade Earring Branding - Mesmerizing Designs

Her colors were gorgeous and nature inspired, and her whole brand came together so well. We started with this direction board…

Brand Design - Moodboard - Mesmerizing Designs

Then moved onto the full branding suite. This included her main logo, secondary logo, brandmark, submark, watermark, patterns, and more. Here’s a peek at how it all turned out, and be sure to go look at her site. You could grab yourself a pair of her unique earrings!

Etsy Shop Logo Design Mockup - Mesmerizing Designs
Etsy Shop Branding Design - Mesmerizing Designs
Jewelry box mockup - Mesmerizing Designs

Are you an Etsy shop in need of branding design?

Take a look through my services and portfolio on my site to see if you think we would be a good fit for your own Etsy Shop Branding Design project, and then reach out. I would love to hear from you!

Etsy Shop sticker design - mesmerizing designs

How cute is this happy mail sticker I made for her packaging?! I love it. If you need sticker design for your packaging too that is one of my favorite parts of the process!

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