the inspiration

Alisha has been one of my lifelong clients - I absolutely love her!!  I have been alongside her for years and watching her grow and thrive with her photography business has been applause worthy. Her work is stunning!!  It's always her images that stop me in my tracks when insta scrolling.  She's super creative and always loves making fun updates to her website. This latest edit is my absolute favorite.

Our goal with this one was fun <- that's always her goal, which I love! haha She wanted those gorgeous golden tones that match her work so perfectly, and that fun + exciting design.

She has done my custom branding years ago, and this edit was a full custom showit website.

fun       •       playful       •       bold      •       captivating





the brand personality


With an exclamation point! This is the most important factor to Alisha, she is so fun loving and we absolutely wanted that to come through in her brand + site!


Her images scream this trait, so we wanted the brand and website to just be supporting of that captivation factor. We did this by keeping her color palette similar and almost neutral and design choices that keep the site intriguing.

bold + playful

This kind of leads us back to fun, but I cannot emphasize this aspect enough! haha  We wanted to keep the brand and site design aligned with her shooting style throughout, and that is very much bold and playful!

the branding suite

the website design

This is mostly where we got to bring in the fun! Her brand had been done years ago, so we just tweaked the colors on it all, and used that for her updated site. Her home page takes you through a little story, which is so unique, and SO her! We did a full page for each session type so visitors can to exactly what info they need quickly and easily, without having to go through several pages.

My favorite thing about her site is how different it is! I also love her scrolling marquee across each of the session pages, super interesting!

showit website design

client review

Jen knows how to make your work stand out!

Jen is super easy to work with, and her design ideas are so artistic and clean! She knows how to make your work stand out! Jen has always exceeded my expectations and will always be the right choice, from day one!!

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