the inspiration

Kelsey is a wedding and portrait photographer in the New England area, and I love her laid back, personal, and heartwarming photos! She purchased a Showit website template and was putting in all the time and work to get it ready herself, but she just needed a solid professional brand to pull it all together.

She was so great to work with! Her style is down to earth, approachable, and refreshing! She loves capturing genuine connection, and is a New Englander through and through. She wanted blues and greens and that cozy New England style.

she needed my custom branding suite

cozy       •       welcoming       •       sophisticated       •       heartwarming





the brand personality


That snuggle up, cozy mountain/coast feeling was important, because it's the base of Kelsey's business and personality. It plays into that welcoming feeling, and just makes the brand feel human and trustworthy.


Cozy and welcoming just go so well together! Kelsey is so down to earth and approachable, in life and in her business so we absolutely wanted that to come through. I used calming colors and homey patterns to drive this feeling home!

the branding suite

client review

It was everything I hoped for and more!!

I loved how Jen had an organized process & workflow, and the final product I received was everything I hoped for and more!! Thank you Jen!

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