Noble Home Tour … Part II

 Hey!  If you missed the post from Monday you will definitely want to check it out below!  Here is part 2 though  : )   The kids’ study/office & living room … Let me know what you think!

This is a great example of how grey can look so very different with different lighting & sunlight too!  The living/hallway/dining/kitchen are all the same color, it’s Benjamin Moore San Antonio Grey – but if you want to paint grey make sure you get yourself plenty of samples and throw them all over your walls for a few days, so you can see how different they will be just throughout the day, with lights on/off, etc.  The same grey doesn’t work for every house, if only it were that easy! haha

Anyway, here is the rest of the gorgeous Noble family home – they did such a great job with all the details, I love it!  Enjoy the eye candy and let me know if you have any questions …

Happy “Uh-Oh – guess what day it is?!  It’s Hump Day! woot-woot”


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