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This was actually my second gig with Cecily – about a year back, we teamed up to create a brand and website for her floral design business, Eufloric Events. So, when she came back around for this new venture, you bet I was doing a happy dance! She was after a whole new vibe this time, and as soon as those pics hit my inbox, I knew we were diving into a world of vibrancy and excitement!

The big goal? Crafting not just one, but two WooCommerce pages for flower fanatics – think retail and wholesale magic. I won't lie, it was a HUGE project, but man, did I love every second of it. With those lively, eye-popping images and Cecily being the absolute rockstar she is, this easily ranks high among my all-time faves. Soak in the prettiness and let it brighten your day!

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client review

You're super easy and layed back to work with and very creative! Miracle worker and mind reader!

SERIOUSLY! Thank You! I know without your amazingness, there is no way I could get to the spot where I can grow my business! Your systems that you set up for me are just perfect and I seriously can't thank you enough!!! When you see me in a commercial in the next few years, you can have yourself to thank!! ;)

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