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Rana has been a long time client of mine for her photography business, so when she came to me with her new venture I was thrilled! She purchased an old home in Bradenton Florida, and wanted to use it for her studio space, but also to rent out for other photographers to create in, for small businesses to get together and clutivate, and for people to enjoy for baby showers, mini weddings, parties, etc ...

It was this charming little bungalow with large old trees, a cute little courtyard with a white picket fence, and Rana was brilliant by creating a moment in each little room with it's own "room theme". I was in love for sure.

she needed the whole luxury package -
custom branding + custom website design

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like home

the brand personality


This is important for her brand because it tells visitors the style of Tierney Lane is curated. Every detail thought out, and carefully planned, to give that exceptional experience.


Tierney Lane is a place where people can be free to express themselves. Whether it’s through creative business gatherings or get togethers, creativity is definitely at the heart of Tierney Lane. 


Rana leads her business with passion. She is passionate about sharing the space with happy people, seeing people celebrate life, and working with other entrepreneurs, so everyone can pursue their passions as well.

the branding suite

showit website design

For her custom Showit website she wanted the three main options of the space to be up front and center, so I gave them each a section at the top with the slider, and then a fuller section below, sort of like a choose your adventure. Each option opens up into a full page with images and details and booking info, and then we did an Our Story page about Rana and the house, and a fun little "stroll" tour page.

I think my favorite page to design was the gallery page, love the subtle little path that takes you through all the rooms.

the website design

client review

Jen brings your vision to life, and exceeds any expectations you have.

The reason I keep coming back to Jen is because her dedication to the client experience goes above and beyond on every project. She brings your vision to life, and exceeds any expectations you have. It's hard to pinpoint one part of the experience I loved, because she truly holds your hand from the beginning to the end. Her questionnaire is thorough and her communication is on point. I love my branding, I love my site .... it fits exactly what I wanted. 

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