the inspiration

I had worked with Aimee before, so I was happy to hear from her again! She had started making these gorgeous handmade beaded earrings, and wanted to get a brand created for the new venture.  I immediately knew I was going to make a little pair of bead earrings to go with the brand, how could I not?!

Her print design for her branding suite was fun and unique too, she wanted me to make the card her earrings would go on to display and sell. Anytime I have to work within unique parameters I always enjoy the creativity!  I'll add some photos from her booths below, you have to see how she used her logo on wood - it's perfect!!

she needed my custom branding suite package

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the brand personality


Having the handmade feeling throughout the brand was important, Aimee wanted to convey that she was a persona behind it all, and that her earrings were handmade with love, each one - one-of-a-kind.  I think the texture in the logo and markings and the hand drawn look to the earrings both help with that overall personal feeling.


We didn't want the brand to take itself too seriously. I think the whimsical w and the dainty little fun texture of the earrings brings in that playful touch, while the simplicity of the text keeps it professional.

the branding suite

client review

Jen always knocks it out of the park!

Jen's process is seamless, and she is amazing to work with. She always knocks it out of the park! I cannot recommend Jen enough!

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