Summer, Hawaii, and a few other things …

Don’t go look at the date from my last blog post, it’s just sad.  Neglectful.  lol   Here’s to summer, and a fresh new start!!  I have a million things to blog & share!  Hope you’re excited … and ready! haha

I made a little summer bucket list, & one of the main things is to slowly turn this blog toward teaching photography!  So, I have decided to kick it off with a little summer mini series of my eGuide!  “It’s Not Just A Click – The Complete Guide For Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids”


Here’s a tiny little peek into the guide, and then for the next 10 weeks, each Thursday, I will post a few pages from the guide, taking you all the way through it, from page 1 – 89!  My hope is that you will get a little break from the summer craziness, and some time to yourself to enjoy coming here and learning about your camera.  So you can capture your fun family moments the way they are meant to be captured, and treasure them forever.  I will be starting with the first few pages tomorrow, July 2nd, so I hope you’ll come by and join in on the fun!  I will be having before and after contests throughout, and I really look forward to seeing your work, as you develop a love for your camera!



If you’re excited you have Maui to thank! haha  We just got back, and it was the perfect way to start summer!!  I mean who doesn’t love a little Hawaiian retreat?!  I saw so many families with their nice DSLR cameras in tow and really started thinking that it would be fabulous is everyone really knew how to use them off of auto mode!  So, came back, and here we are!  I’m excited to share the things I’ve learned over the past 10 years, in hopes that it will at least help someone.

I actually did the photographer unthinkable though – haha, no judging!  I left my camera home for Maui.  I thought about it quite a bit leading up to the trip, and since it’s been an extension of me for most my working life, I decided I wanted to leave all things work behind and get a good break from it all to refresh.  So I did.  I left my computer and all my gear home.  EEEEEEEKK  It was difficult, I won’t lie, and there were a few times on the trip where I was like, oh man, my camera would have been great for that moment, but overall, so glad I left it all behind.  I got the exact vacation I wanted, a true fun and relaxing one, just what we needed.  My dad has a little underwater point & shoot, so I used that for some of the ocean pics, and then I just used my iPhone 6 with a waterproof case for all the others.  And I even edited them all on my iPhone!  I used the Pic-Tap-Go app – which is the only smart phone editing I have ever used since they launched it (love love love!) and it was so easy!   Of course they aren’t all technically perfect, (which doesn’t play well with my perfectionist side, haha) but I still love them all.

Anyway, HAPPY SUMMER!!  I hope you are already kicked back somewhere with your legs up, possibly a drink in hand, and I hope to see you around for my new little summer series – The Complete Guide For Photographing Your Kids.  I’ll leave you with some of those vacation photos, thanks for stopping by!


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