Portrait Photographer Branding + Showit Template Customization

Portrait Photographer Branding + Showit Template

Professional portrait photographer branding and Showit template customization to bring a photography business into the high-end market.

Portrait Photographer Branding + Showit Template | Jen Gen Co

Stephanie came to me because she wanted professional branding done to bring her photography business into the high-end market.  Her work was stunning and matched what she was saying she wanted for branding perfectly, so I could see that it would all come together perfectly!

She wanted to use a Showit website template for the website portion, so I helped her pick one that would coordinate with her work and new brand, and then I customized it with all her gorgeous images and the modern branding suite I put together for her.  I think everything turned out impeccable!



Her brand words were –

luxury       •       modern       •       elegant       •       professional

Stephanie’s work was high-end, and we wanted the brand and website to support that. We kept the logo simple and stately, and the colors neutral with high contrast, to bring that luxurious feeling to the whole business.

To bring in the modern factor we used black and beige, clear fonts, and I created a brandmark / submark with a strong modern feeling. We paired down everything to give it that stylish presence, and used modern accents throughout the brand and website.

Jen was so kind, and easy to work with!

We love how detail-oriented she was and also knowledgeable about everything discussed. She did a great job listening to what we wanted and making that vision come to life! We also appreciated all of the time and training she spent with us to make sure we understood how to navigate things on our own.

Take a look at this brand + website live – https://stephanieselbyphotography.com/

Your Turn!

I would love to work with you! Let’s do something exciting and fun, but with that gorgeous professional touch – to get your dream clients jumping up and down with excitement when they connect with you!

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