Madeline | Round Rock Senior Photographer

Madeline – Cedar Ridge High School

Orchestra – symphony – book club

When I got the email about her wishes for her senior photos I was thrilled! She plays the Viola (brilliantly I might add!) and they wanted some photos with her playing it outdoors … ummm yes please! That sounded magical. And let me tell you – I could get used to being serenaded while I shoot. It was more than magical.

I ask these questions to every senior – here are Madelyn’s responses :

How do you want to be portrayed in your senior images, and what type of style are you envisioning for your session?

I like to say that my personal style is hard but soft (i.e. I really like leather and wearing jeans all the time but I also really like dresses and wearing pretty shoes and lipstick) So I would like to have both of those sides of me portrayed along with my serious, musical side.

What part of yourself are you most proud of?

I’m very proud of my musical ability and how I’m able to compete yet also have fun with it. I’m also pretty proud of my ability to make people laugh.

What does your future look like? What colleges are you applying to? What do you want to study?

I’m applying to University of Maine, UT Austin, Texas State, UHouston, DePaul University (these are just my top choices). I want to study music performance for viola.

What will you miss most about High School?

Probably the routine of it all like being able to see my friends and people I know every day. I’m excited to get out into the world but I will definitely miss this.

If I had a theme song played to announce me every time I entered a room, it would be –

Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov

Onto the images – here are a few of my favorites from her Senior Session in Georgetown, TX

And my very favorite image from her session (not only because of the outcome, but I think I will always remember the special moment when I actually snapped it – the sunlight streaming through the trees, the slight breeze, and the sound of Madeline playing her viola – like I said above, magic …

Thanks for trusting me with your senior images Madeline, you were a delight to photograph, and I wish you the very best in life.

xo, jen

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