Five Fact Friday


Thursday THE Bachelor, Brad, bumped into me in Starbucks downtown.  Literally.

Let’s just say my drink tasted a little better that day, it came with the most gorgeous view :)  haha


Since I am totally slacking on the internet front, I am going to make it up to you!

Post a comment on this blog post, or visit my fb fan page, and I will reply with a coupon link for $10 off the FlipIt, or $5 off my new Mesmerizing Black & White/Sepia Action!

Just let me know which one you want!  It will be good until the next FFF, but you have to give me a day to get that to you, please and thank you, ya know, cause the whole finger/slacking thing!

Thanks for sticking around too, and being patient!  My finger is like more than broken :(  I have to have surgery to fix it, so this whole slacking thing might stick around for a little while, not cool, I know.


I’m a total craft DIY crazy person!  I love it all, and this week I made this sign for Sniggs’ new California room :)

I had some major difficulties with sanding, and I will be buying a real sander next time I’m at Lowes to go over it again,  but I love it, and cannot wait to hang it in the new house!

I bought the decal on Etsy, ( check it out here ) then the piece of board is 24×24, got that and the rope at Lowes for under $10!  And I already had the paint, I have TONS of paint at the house, I like love painting things for some reason, lol

I actually pushed the buy button on the decal not too long ago, with the intention of putting it right on the wall, but after thinking more I thought it would be better if it looked like an actual beach sign, with a little worn edging and what not.  So I ended up using it for a template :)

So, I painted the board blue, twice, then when it was dry I applied the decal.  Then I went over it again with blue to seal the decal.  Then when that dried I painted it white, twice, haha.   Then I picked the decal off with a razor blade, revealing the blue, then I sanded it down, again, the best I could left handed, haha.  I am so looking forward to this excuse for the sander purchase :)  That’s it though, super easy, and I love it!  Oh oh oh, and I just pushed the buy button on a Silhouette SD!  YAY!!  I cannot wait until that arrives … tomorrow.  I’m such a brat with the whole instant gratification thing, and when Amazon politely informs me that I can have delivered next day, I can’t turn Mr Amazon down.  It is what it is.  I am beyond stoked though, I have lots of plans for that bad boy!  I’m a decal freak.


Our slab was poured today!  Double yay!


I finished up a really cute custom blog this week!  I’m just waiting on her header & bio photos, then I can share it :)  So be sure to check back soon!


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